Transforming a pack of unruly dogs into well behaved companions

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This program is currently being filmed in real-time, so videos will go up as they are completed. By purchasing early, you save money and get to enjoy videos as they are launched!

Imagine life with your pack of dogs only a few months from now…

You’ve taken your pack of dogs from chaos to calm, and all the stress and anxiety that you were experiencing prior to training is a thing of the past. 

Your dogs are trained, well-behaved, and no longer jocking for position amongst themselves. YOU did the work, YOU stepped up, and you are now living peacefully within your home again. 

That’s what’s possible when you complete our Pack Training Course. 

This is the most in-depth course we have ever done when it comes to managing a multiple-dog household. I will be taking you through the journey of four board and train dogs who came all the way from California to Florida to train with us. These dogs have a history of fighting with each other, guarding the affection/attention of their owners, and generally just creating total chaos in the home. With a new baby in the family as well, there is just way too much risk involved with their current behavior. Walks are impossible, and their owners truly want them to live better lives and to be involved in the family dynamic again.

Maybe this even sounds like you and your own dogs?

Maybe you can put yourself right into this owner's shoes...

Maybe you've been searching everywhere for the answers to this problem, but haven't found the solution you're looking for yet...

Well, I'm happy to inform you that...

The best years of your life with your dogs are on the other side of the checkout button, and I cannot wait to show you what’s possible with the right methods and training. You and each of your dogs deserve this.

Are you ready to FINALLY put an end to the chaos, fighting, and stress?

The doors to the Pack Training program are officially open! 

Join me inside for the TRUTH about what it takes to train and integrate a pack of unruly dogs in order to achieve life-long success. 

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

-1 LIVE zoom training with myself and the pack, 60-90 minutes ($375 value)

-My entire training process for socialization and integration with multiple out-of-control dogs in the same household ($2500 value)

-Real-world examples of the training and how to transfer the training to the owners back home in California  ($3,000 value)

-Lifetime access to the course (priceless)

-Open Q+A with me during the live zoom ($250 value)

Your investment: $177 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY**

Recordings will be sent out if you can’t make the live training!

FAQ about this course answered by Jeff and Joelle:

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