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Anyone who works with dogs or owns a dog knows this one thing for CERTAIN: The dog's success depends on the HUMAN'S training and/or skillset. 

It's no secret that our recipe for highly trained dogs is highly trained humans. After every board and train program, the owners of each dog receive 4+ hours of hands on training from us! We pride ourselves in the amount of time we dedicate to educating the "other" end of the leash. The human component of dog training IS the piece to the puzzle that is so often missing. 

This course will take you through an entire go-home session with Coco the Doberman and her owners. You'll see the dynamic of her relationship with each person, and how that effects her behavior overall. We show you how we transfer everything to the real word by taking Coco out on an excursion to Home Depot, all while the owners are handling Coco 90% of the time.

Our Go Home Sessions Focus on the Following:

  • transferring the training to the owners
  • troubleshooting behaviors/obedience when it doesn't go perfectly 
  • how we take dogs to stores for public access training
  • how we communicate with owners and educate them
  • how to build owner confidence 
  • how a fully trained dog looks, how they still try to test handlers, and how it doesn't always look perfect

If you're on this page, I'm guessing you're curious how we are so successful at training humans as well as dogs!

Unfortunately, many dog training programs out there fail to focus on owner training, and that's why board and trains get a bad reputation.

Have you ever heard any of the following?

"The dogs only behave for the trainers."

"They go right back to their old ways once they get home"

"board and trains only train the dogs, not the owners."

"no dog can be fully trained in only a couple of weeks"

Chances are you have! But our skillset with PEOPLE is what really sets our program apart. We set dogs and humans up for continued success long after they leave our facility. Our goal as dog trainers is for our clients to NOT need us anymore! Except maybe for boarding when they travel ;)

So, what do you get when you join this program?

With this course, you'll get the entire go home video from start to finish *minus a few edits when our clients talk personal stuff. We talk to our clients like close friends, so some minimal conversation pieces were cut out to protect our clients' privacy.* You'll see how both Joelle and myself step into our teacher uniforms to clearly and EFFECTIVELY train Coco's owners. You'll see her behave better for one owner than the other due to their relationship prior to training, and how we resolve that issue. This course is like being a fly on the wall at one of our sessions. You'll get some golden nuggets of information from this that might even change the way YOU train your dog or interact with your own clientele!

This course is NOT only for dog trainers. If you own a dog, but are struggling with your own skillset or confidence... this course is definitely FOR YOU.

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchasing. But we're sure you'll love it!