Board and Train Dog's First Day of Training - Live Workshop

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Ever wondered what our very first “formal” obedience training session with a dog looks like?

Don’t know where to start with your own dog? 

Get ready to be on the fast track toward your dog training goals!

Join us on Monday February 27th at 1pm EST for a live training class! 

We will be showing you what our very first obedience training session with a board and train dog looks like. 

What we will cover:

-intro to recall 

-intro to place 

-intro to sit

-kennel up drills

-leash training fundamentals 

-the concept of pressure on/off with a leash and collar 

This will be your chance to be a fly on the wall as we work in real-time teaching a client dog here in Florida! Everything we teach will be the building blocks of an incredible relationship with your dog, and this is only the beginning...

Sign up for only $25 for the next 24 hours until it starts. After that, replays will be available for $47.

Once you purchase, the replays are yours forever.