Dog Training Leadership LIVE - The first steps we take when receiving a new dog

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We all know dogs NEED leadership in their lives. They need boundaries, structure, and accountability…kind of like us humans, right? 

Every time a reactive, aggressive, or just out-of-control dog comes into our training program, there are FOUR KEY leadership skills we teach them on day one. 

This is our “secret” formula that helps us get so many dogs into a better headspace so quickly. 

Except it's not a secret, because we’re going to be sharing it ALL with you, in our Leadership Workshop!

Join us for a glimpse into what a brand new board and train dog’s day looks like with us.

Joelle and I will be taking you through the very first protocols we do with a training dog, and why these four steps in the process are SO important for everything else that follows. 

We’ll be showing it all LIVE and answering questions as we go.

And It’s also a FREE training, so you definitely DON’T want to miss it!!

Who is this for:

-Dog Owners who want a better connection with their dog

-Trainers who want to see how top-tier leadership impacts success for the dog and the owner
(yes, trainers are welcome. take your notebook, bring your questions, and enjoy)

What You Will Learn:

1. Our key leadership skills we teach every dog

2. The importance of leadership for a dog's state of mind

3. Why we start out every board and train with this philosophy 

"This workshop applies to EVERY dog that comes into our facility and every dog that folks own. It doesn't matter if they bring a new dog home or they start today with a dog they have owned for years. This is a great place to start to build a solid foundation"