The Baby-Proofing Course: How to train your dog for bringing home a baby

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Are you planning on bringing home a baby?

Are you nervous or afraid of this next stage in life because of your dog's behavior? That makes you normal, as so many people struggle with this same problem. That's why we created the "Bringing Home Baby Course."

This course will take you through the journey of preventative dog training to help ease your mind when it comes to integrating a new baby into your home. Whether your dog is out of control, nervous, or simply doesn't know anything at all, this course will cover everything you need to bring peace into your home. 

We have worked with thousands of people who successfully have their dogs cohabitate with their kids using our methods. We teach your how to train wanted behaviors, as well as how to stop/prevent unwanted behavior.

We are firm believers that dogs and kids need boundaries within the home, and this course is the fast track to teaching your dog how to respect a child (and you!)


In this course you will learn the following:
-How to train the "out" command 

-Train a proper heel/walk

-Proper leadership skills in the home

-How to "dog proof" your tummy time mat

-How to keep your dog away from the high chair

-How to train the place command

-How to train a down command     

I know your feelings around bringing home a baby because I am a dad, too. With five children of my own and always having dogs in the home, I know exactly how important it is to keep both your child and your dog safe. 

Every dog, friendly or not, should understand that babies are to be respected just like any other human being. Dogs are powerful, and even an accidental jump or bump could have consequences. We want dog owners to be extremely proactive with their training, so that life with kids and dogs can be SIMPLE. It's challenging enough bringing home a newborn, so let's make it easier on you by training your dog and creating healthy boundaries in the home!

You might actually feel super anxious about this new part of your journey...but we can help you make it a bit easier. 

Imagine if you could have your dog calmly lying on its bed while your baby plays with their toys in the same room. Imagine your dog walking calmly beside you as you push the stroller. Imagine raising your child to have a very healthy relationship with your dog, where they can both exist peacefully and enjoy each other's company without stress or fear. This IS possible with the right training, and we have laid it all out in this course for you to follow step by step. 

Meet the Man behind the Screen:


Hi, my name is Jeff Gellman, owner of Solid K9 Training. I've been training dogs for over twenty years, and I also hold dog training seminars around the world. Throughout my career, I have worked with tens of thousands of dogs and humans, and I know firsthand how lack of training can affect the quality of life for both ends of the leash. Between my free social media content, virtual one-on-one work, seminars, and in-person training, I have kept countless dogs in their homes who were on their last chance. 

After years of in-home training with my clients, I realized that training dogs to exist arounds kids was not being talked about enough. Dogs don't come into this world understanding how to behave around children, it is a learned behavior. So I decided to put together a course that can educate parents on how to create healthy boundaries with their dogs in regards to their children. 

This course will help you become a leader, train good behavior and stop the unwanted stuff. It's a great course to PREVENT a lot of accidents from happening.  

What you get:

With this course, you will receive our step by step process on how we "baby proof" dogs. Each video is a separate tutorial on different scenarios you will likely encounter as a parent and dog owner. 

You'll also receive the following BONUS features 

-My WALK the Walk Video series $99 value!

-How to Set up Your Remote Collar video -$50 value

-How to choose and fit a prong collar video -$50 value

-How to teach "place" video- $99 value

-How to teach "down" video- $99 value 


  1. Q: What if my dog is too stubborn to train?
    A: EVERY dog of any breed can be trained. It just takes the proper methodology and leadership

    Q: Will my dog be able to exist with my baby?
    A: Your dog's capabilities lie in the work you put in. Dog training is a never-ending process and should be kept up with/improved upon throughout the life of the dog. 

    Q: What if my dog isn't food motivated?
    A: You do not have to use food for this training. 

    Q: My dog doesn't listen to a thing I say!
    A: Your dog will learn to take direction if you follow the protocols in the video series.

    Q: What if my dog is so badly behaved? It has been kicked out of other programs
    A: We work with dogs in the same "bucket" every day. We have never turned away a dog or not worked with one due to its behavior. 

    Q: Do I have to use a prong collar and remote collar?
    A: I am a huge advocate for remote collar training as it allows the safest and most reliable form of off leash communication with your dog. If you want to learn how we baby proof dogs, we do recommend both prong and E collars for this course. 

    Q: How long will I have access to this course?
    A: You'll have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, it's yours! 

    Q: What if my dog has no prior training?
    A: Your dog can be totally "green" with zero leash skills and still make incredible progress with this course. 

    Q: What if I don't know what size collar to buy?
    A: There is a BONUS feature included that will show you exactly how to measure and fit a prong collar for your dog.

    How does this work, what do I need to do to get started?
    1. Click the "join" button to purchase
    2. Be sure to open the email that is sent to you after your purchase
    3. click the link to your course and get training! You'll get instant and lifetime access to the course. Just login to your account anytime for access. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchasing.