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Does your dog really need to know how to wear a muzzle?

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your dog had an emergency and needed to wear a muzzle? How about when your dog gets groomed or has nail trims? Often times, our happy-go-lucky companions can completely change their demeanor when they are sick, injured or in a new or strange environment. We believe muzzle training is a crucial skill set that every dog should learn, for your peace of mind and theirs. 


Our Muzzle Conditioning Tutorial Teaches the Following:

  • Why every dog should learn to wear a muzzle
  • How to train your dog to WANT to wear a muzzle
  • How to turn muzzle training into a fun game for your dog 
  • How to incorporate the muzzle into daily life and desensitize your dog to it 
  • BONUS video on how to build food drive in your dog 

You probably found this page because you are struggling trying to get your dog to wear a muzzle, or heard that it's beneficial for your dog. But where do you start, and aren't muzzles only for aggressive dogs?

  1. Q: I thought muzzles were only for aggressive, biting dogs?
    A: EVERY dog of any breed can and should learn to wear a muzzle comfortably. Imagine your dog needs an emergency vet visit and they have to be muzzled because they are in distress. Imagine the ADDED stress your dog would have to under-go if not conditioned to wear a muzzle. We teach this skill to every dog for the "just in case" moments. 

    Q: Will my dog be able to eat and play in a muzzle?
    A: Depending on the brand of muzzle you use, absolutely. Although you don't have to utilize a muzzle for long-term wear. Just a few training sessions a day is plenty. 

    Q: What if my dog isn't food motivated?
    A: We have included a free BONUS video to show you how to build food drive in your dog, since food is a big part of this training. You can also use higher value rewards if need be. 

    Q: My dog has never worn a muzzle!
    A: That's what we're here for! We start at the very beginning using a dog who is not muzzle conditioned to show the process. 

    Q: What age does my dog have to be for this training?
    A: Dogs 16 weeks and older can benefit from this training, In fact, I recommend you start them out with training sooner rather than later. 

    Q: How long will I have access to this course?
    A: You'll have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, it's yours! 

    Q: What if I don't know what size muzzle to buy?
    A: we cover how to fit a muzzle on your dog, and also the brand we use most. 

    How does this work, what do I need to do to get started?
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    3. log in to your account, click on "programs" and you will see all of the videos to the series "unlocked" and ready to view. 

Imagine not having to worry about your dog's state of mind when in a situation where they might need to wear a muzzle. The more prepared your dog is for these scenarios, the more relaxed they (and you) will be!

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Jeff Gellman
Jeff Gellman