Links And Next Steps:

1: Workshop Bundles

$299 for everything LIVE workshop we have run this year
-Purchase individually OR as a Bundle. $299 bundle price (scroll below to get the bundle), or purchase ala carte with coupon code: (check your email for coupon code, we'll send it out after the workshop)

What you get: REPLAYS for 5-day ecollar & 2-day troubleshooting & more

5-Day Live e-collar Workshop Recordings and Resources - $197

Live E-collar Workshop - TROUBLESHOOTING $97

Board and Train Dog's First Day of Training - Live Workshop $97

Dog Training Leadership LIVE - The first steps we take when receiving a new dog $97

Mastering the Walk With Your Dog MASTERCLASS - LIVE training & Recordings $99

Go Home Session with Client Dog $99

How to Walk a Pack of Dogs - Live Workshop and Recordings (Free today, $97 for everyone who did not register after today)

2: Green to Graduate - The gold standard dog training "textbook" but in video form alternatively, here is a list of all our pre-recorded programs:

3: The June 2023 In-Person Mastermind

4: Private Consults: Use coupon code: 30min99 to get a 30-minute private consult for $99 (reg $175)

Buy the Bundle of all workshops listed above